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What is our Media Division

Sufex Trading has in-house services and provides information supporting companies both before and after entering the market. We tailor cost-effective proposals according to our clients’ needs and targets. Our network reaches out to more than 12.000 foreign-affiliated companies from all over East Asia and the West


Our Media Services

Our Media Division boasts 6 services that support clients on branding and sales promotion through consultation and requests.
We ensure the maximization the client potential.

Industrial Park Guide Book “Invest Asia”

Invest Asia is our magazine specializing in business and industrial parks that integrates information on industrial parks in Vietnam and other regions into one volume. It is published twice a year, in two editions: an international version in English and Korean; as well as a Japanese version which are distributed to financial institutions, public institutions, and companies considering expansion.


We offer a Japanese-language portal site for information on companies and living in Vietnam. In addition to the list of Japanese companies operating in Vietnam, it also contains practical information on expanding into Vietnam, including basic information on Vietnam and information on industrial parks listed in “Invest Asia.”

Direct Mail

Sufex Trading offers a mailing service that distributes information according to our clients’ targets and number of companies they wish to attract. This information can be delivered to established companies, companies expanding into the region, and foreign-affiliated companies.

E-mail Magazine

With this service, using e-mail, we distribute information according to our clients’ targets along with the number of companies they may wish to approach. Information can be distributed to established companies, emerging companies, and foreign-affiliated companies.

New Licensed Company List

Every month, we track new corporate or representative offices established in Vietnam and distribute a list of foreign-affiliated companies that have launched new projects. Sufex Trading gives information to more than 150 companies every month on companies from other countries that recently decided to invest in Vietnam, keeping you informed of the latest developments!

Other Services

Our in-house creative team is experienced with the Vietnamese market and is eager to support you in designing and printing promotional materials, from restaurant menus to corporate profiles, and sending them to local companies. We prepare the most effective promotional materials with consideration to the type of business you have and your target clientele.

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